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Log into Amicus Cloud

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This topic covers:

        Log in

        Forgot your password?

        Stay logged in

        Use a shared session

        Amicus Cloud status

Log in

1.     A Sign In window appears when you go to your Amicus Cloud webpage ( in your web browser, or click the Login link at

        Enter your Amicus Email Login and Password (as set in your user profile).

2.     Optionally select the Remember Me checkbox so you won't need to enter your email login again at your current browser.

3.     Click GO (or Amicus Cloud).

If you went to page on a smartphone, you are given the option of logging in to Amicus TimeTracker instead of Amicus Cloud. For details on TimeTracker, see Amicus TimeTracker.

4.     If you've enabled enhanced security, further verification is required in order to complete the login.

Enter the verification code that has just been sent to your mobile phone (and optionally to your email account).

Or click the "Answer security question instead" link and answer the verification question that you've pre-defined.

5.     The Home page displays.

        If this is your first login to Amicus, a setup wizard appears. Follow the on screen directions to enter basic details about yourself and connect your Exchange email account.

        An introductory video overlays the Home page for newly added firm members until they choose to hide it.

Forgot your password?

If you can't remember your password, simply click Forgot Password on the login page. Amicus will disable your old password and send you a link to a page where you can reset it.

Stay logged in

Your session will last as long as you continue using it—changing views, opening items, etc.

        By default, your session will expire after 3 hours of no activity (after a 10 minute warning). If you click Don't Log Me Out in the warning message, you'll get another 3 hours of session time.

        To extend the default, select the Keep Me Logged In checkbox on the login page to stay logged in at this computer for 12 hours or 1 or more days (as you choose), regardless of whether you're actively using it. Even closing your browser won't terminate your session—when you later return to the Amicus webpage you won't need to log in again but instead will go straight to the Home page.

CAUTION: For security purposes, we recommend you choose the "Keep Me Logged In" option only at a secure computer.

Use a shared session

You can enhance your use of Amicus by having more than one instance of your session open at the same time. For example, you could have file details open in one browser tab while viewing your Calendar in another tab.

        While your first session is still running, log in a second time from another tab or window of the same browser at the same computer. Changes made in one instance will appear in the other as refreshes occur.

        Logging out from either instance will terminate both instances of your session.

Amicus Cloud status

For current system status information from the Amicus Cloud support team, click Check Status in the footer of the login screen. This could include notes on Amicus access, performance, or updates.

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